Residential Landscaping Services

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Sabin Landscaping & Design LLC is your first call in the Hayward, Wisconsin area when it comes to residential landscaping and exterior design. We are a family-owned company with over 30 years in the business of making properties look beautiful.

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Residential Landscaping Services


Step-by-step, we can help guide you through the process of conceptualizing and envisioning your dreams and help bring them to reality. We can help you with building retaining walls, installation of pavers and driveways, rock and mulch work, fountains and water features, and shoreline preservation.

Sabin Landscaping & Design LLC can take the worry out of your project; you can be assured your project is completed professionally and correctly.

Hayward WI Residential Landscaping

Enhance your outdoor living space with the soothing sounds of moving water


Whether you desire a rippling stream that runs alongside your new paver patio, or perhaps crave a massive pondless waterfall for the soothing sights and sounds of moving water right outside your backdoor, the Sabin Landscaping & Design team has you covered.

Add a small bubbling vase for visual interest or a pond with waterfalls to complete your outdoor sanctuary. We make your landscape come to life!

Enhance curb appeal by incorporating water features into your landscape. Add a water feature to your patio, yard, or deck; the possibilities are endless!


  • Soothing sounds of water
  • Fragrant aquatic plants
  • Natural bridges and seating
  • Lighting for nighttime viewing
  • A place to get away from it all
Water Features
Water Features
Outdoor living at its finest! Water features add much more than beauty to a landscape. Providing a tranquil escape, the sound of water cascading over rocks will relax the pace and soothe the soul. The Sabin Landscaping & Design LLC landscape team will find the perfect location for a waterfall, pond or stream so that it can be enjoyed from indoors and out. Water becomes a natural part of your landscape by incorporating stone outcroppings and boulder edging.